Day 24. Quarter break

Day 19, 21, 22, 23, 24

I will catch up soon. My mobile Internet is not working, days are cold. So much is happening. I try to write but the words feel shallow. I received a lot in the last days, people are wonderful, the walking is great. Too much to do though. I hope to find a quiet place to spend a few days in a row. Packing up and settling down every day again is so time consuming.
I am in a good place today, Regenbogenland, Rainbow Country. A holiday home for families, part of a big social organisation founded by Adolp Kolping (1813 - 1865), now Kolpingwerk Deutschland. Kolping said: "Die Note der Zeit werden euch lehren, was zu tun ist." The need of the time will tell you what to do. They gave me a soft bed, a warm shower, internet access. But when I dried my tent and washed my cloths and scrubbed my body, answered e-mails to people following my walk and organised my things it was late again. So. I'll be back. When I find Internet again. But first walk tomorrow. 30 at least. To the Red Hair Mountains.

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