The background of this blog shows an image of one of the 108 embroideries from my second “soft armour”, the three piece walking suit I wore in Weimar, Germany, for 108 days. I am not sure why I used that one. It was a gut feeling. The gut feeling I depend on when I’m on my walks. The gut feeling that told me to start wearing a suit.

In the last week I came upon some laughter in my wanderings in the virtual world. The first laughter was by Philip Seymour Hoffman. He’s a master when it comes to laughing. And in his movie ‘The Master”, he says in front of an audience:

“I have unlocked and discovered the secret to living in these bodies that we hold. The secret is laughter.”

The second laughter came from Charles Bukowski. Not his quote “We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us”, one I know by heart, but a poem I bumped into.

tough cob

we tend to like those artists
who starved or went mad or killed themselves
and were discovered afterwards.
it happens often
because great talent is usually fifty to
one hundred years ahead of its

most of those acclaimed in their
are mediocre performers.
of course, this is common knowledge,
so common that many of those who are not
recognized in their time
believe that this is a sign of their own true
and countless wives, children, relatives,
friends and bystanders
must suffer
because of this illusion.

to laugh truly is to continue anyhow.

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