96 days

So this is the plan. April 9th I will put on a new three piece walking suit. It will have an embroidered QR code on the trousers, linking to this blog. It will have a lightweight solar panel on the jacket, to power my iPad so I can give account of the stories I find on my way straight away. I will carry my house with me, I will be as independent as possible. My suit will be my notebook, my mindmap, a map of the road I walked. I will embroider small drawings and notes on the outside.
I will walk all the way to the Nomadic Village in the south of Austria. 96 days. In the Nomadic Village I will tell the story of my journey. And create a new one with the Nomads present there.

I will be as self-sufficient as possible, living the simple life, exchanging whatever I have to 
exchange with the people I meet. 

You can help me by adopting one of my days and in exchange I’ll dedicate that day’s story to you. Your name will be connected to the story and I will send you something from the road, although I don’t know what it will be. It might be a thought or an object I find. An e-mail, a postcard, a package. It will be a surprise.
My days don’t have a price. Anything goes. One euro is fine. More is very welcome. You can donate through Paypal through the link on the right side of this page. Choose a day from the schedule below, send me your day of choice, e-mail address and postal address and I will keep you informed. It might take a while before you will get your gift from the road, but the story will be yours to read soon after “your” day. My email-address: monique.besten@xs4all.nl

In the meantime I am exploring the black holes in my old walking socks. You can buy a photographic print for only € 30,- or € 100 for all 4 of them, "simple" shiping included (A4 + white borders, Epson luster photo paper). Order before April 6th to recieve it now, or later and get it when I'm back from my walk.

The Nomadic Village is a mobile art society which is run by and for nomadic artists. Read more about it here: www.nomadic.cd
More about my walk to the Nomadic Village last year here: www.asoftarmour.blogspot.com

(black hole socks for sale: choose yellow, blue, white or pink)

(Yes, the plan was to walk 99 days but I needed some extra time to sort out some important things at my startingpoint.  And there is no use in rushing to be able to be slow, so 99 days became 96 days. I like that number even more.)

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  1. Sorry Monique this time isn't a good one to send you some money, all my best wishes to you a d have a beautiful walk. I'll follow your days as usual.a big hug.