Day 19. Meeting twice and leaving once

They walked behind me. I tried to walk in a slower pace. I remembered how as a kid I never wanted to go on walks with them. On holidays, sometimes we didn't have a choice. My sisters and I walked behind them.

You walk behind your parents for a long time anyway.

They drove 200 kilometers to walk with me, behind me, sometimes next to me.

Before we left we visited the convent church. I've never been inside a church so beautiful, austere, filled with shadows. The building is called a pilgrim's tent and from the inside it does seem to be constructed like a meticulously designed tent.

We drank coffee in the Nostalgie Cafe where I had enjoyed listening to the owner's stories since 10. We walked 6 kilometers. It was good to walk together, to be together.
The last 6 I walked on my own. They took the bus and drove from Neviges to Wuppertal to meet me again. I arrived before them. Slowness can be deceiving.

We ate together. We all wanted the same dish from the big menu.

I am getting good at leaving. But mothers won't ever get used to seeing their child go.

The hostel was on top of a hill.

Happiness is the smell of a fresh pillow.

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