Wednesday 23/4/13

I had planned to take the train but when I woke up I felt like walking. I need the walking. I need to be in the walking more. So I packed and left and made sure I didn't forget anything and I walked all day and didn't talk to anybody. Yesterday most animals on the road were dead. Now they were very much alive.

The mobile internet for which I payed a lot of money in order to have 5 Gb a month still didn't work. I decided to forget about it. Maybe I payed the money to have no internet so I don't have to worry about uploading things every day.

Just walk.

And now, when I am writing this, the sun is setting. I ate lots of rape seed greens on the road and I find myself sitting in the middle of a forest. The birds do their thing and I am looking forward to a dry warm silent night on a forest floor.

I didn't loose anything today. I stopped counting days and kilometers. Gained some things defenitely. Courage to go on is one of them.

Biggest threat these days are the smallest animals. The ticks are everywhere, I removed five ones today already. And the first place I sat down to stop for the night, beautifully overlapping a rape seed field, was inhabited by big agressive ants.

I am walking through the Ruhrgebiet, the Ruhr area. These days it has a lot of big cities and a lot of industry. When I hear the name I always see smoking chimneys, huge scary buildings, I think of noise, pollution, roads, factories. Only today, looking at my map, I realised the Ruhr is a river. It is nature.

I wonder what my route will be like the next days. I expect a crazy mix of grey and green, city outskirts and roads and water flowing and small oases of green

But I will sleep softly on a bed of dead leaves first.

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