Day 4. The wild salad bar and fancy china

I woke up with the sound of swan wings.
It was foggy outside.
27 kilometer to go.

I came up with an idea. But I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else already did it. I thought about it when I walked through the wood and illegally picked edible weeds. I had seen the sign, I've seen it often but it doesn't make any sense to me. I could be fined if they would catch me taking some chickweed with me but of course I could always eat the proof before they arrest me. Most people don't eat things straight out of nature anyway. And if you do it with care, there's no harm done to any species.
My idea is titled "the wild salad bar" and it is a movable salad bar, built on a small cart like the one I am using now. I can travel around with it, picking wild edible plants and turning them into tasty, healthy salads, very different from the ones (most of) you know. I could turn them into teas as well. Wild salad and wild tea. Maybe fruit salads too.

It was Saturday today and sunny. Everybody was outside for a walk or a bikeride. Everybody wanted to talk to me. It was nice, somewhat exhausting though. I still have to get used to having turned into a 'public figure'. I had an interesting talk with a woman from Afghanistan about possibilities for women in her country to do things the way I was doing them. A small group of walkers accompanied me for a few minutes to ask questions about my walk. An elderly man couldn't get enough of my story, he told me the other day another funny person passed his house with a strange vehicle.
This walking trip is defenitely serious business but I don't mind being funny.

People scanned my QR code. It worked well.

Later on I bumped into a pig wandering through the woods looking for acorns. I found the perfect hut to spend the night in but it was too early to call it a day. I bought some fruit from a table at the side of the road outside somebodies house. I love it when people do that. In the morning I had passed a house where they were selling beautiful tea cups and saucers. I had been tempted. Imagined myself at the end of the day building a small fire, boiling water, throw some fresh leaves in the pot and then pour it into the fine china, sit down in my three-piece suit and drink it while thinking over the day.

At the end of the day I found a deserted campsite. Empty caravans but the toilet building was open. Pity I didn't have a coin for hot water but showers are overrated anyway.

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