Day 56. The beggar

What do you do when you have a budget of € 17,50 a day and a begger asks you for money? When you spent € 848 in 54 days because you need little, you slept in the woods often, you exchanged art and attention for a meal or a place to sleep? What do you do when you can only afford to stay in a cheap hotel for two nights and drink cappucino at a terrass because you slept outside in the cold for three nights and often eat bread and cheese for diner?

It is easy. You give the money you would have spent on your next cappuccino. And order another one anyway.

And maybe she wasn't as poor as she told me. And maybe her life isn't as tough as mine is some days on the road. But it doesn't matter. When people ask you for help you try to help them.
Having little money to spend is part of my project. My struggle is my art. It is a choice. Not everybody has that choice.

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