Day 58. Facebook letter


Dear friends,

C. and I woke up in the woods, the sunlight filtering through the trees. Wild strawberries for breakfast. Tiny but terribly tasty. We continued our route, the beautiful 5 Flüsse Radweg from Amberg to Regensburg. We encountered snails, a snake, a big herd of sheep. In the village of Rieden we stopped for coffee.

I hesitated if I would take a piece of Käse Sauerkirsch Kuchen. But then I remembered today is the birthday of Rienk. I have never met him, but his son, his son's daughter and their son are "walking" with me today. Today is also the day two of my best friends meet in Amsterdam and I am sad I won't be there to join them but I am happy to be here in this day and celebrate their meeting, celebrate friendship and connections with people around the world. Celebrate internet, this amazing medium which makes it possible to send these words to you. And I am happy there is always a good excuse to eat tasty things. So yes, I ordered the cherry cheesecake. And it was delicious.

Ah, what a day. The best day, another dear friend would say. And imagine, it only just started. I wonder what else will happen today. I might tell you later. C. and I will do some more walking first. We walk lightly these days, having gotten rid of some weight in Sulzbach-Rosenfeld.

Love from the road, M



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