Day 72. The lost days recovered

(Star sign Swan, sky atlas Uranometria)

I just discovered something strange. My walking schedule jumps from June 22 to 26. Three days are missing and all the dates after June 22 are on the wrong weekdays. I know it doesn't make a real difference because there will still be 25 walking days including today.
But it feels as if I've got three extra days or at least three open days without a person connected to them. I have to think about something special to do with them. The lost days. The lost days recovered.

Any suggestions?

(The schedule is here, if you're curious: http://www.asoftarmour5.blogspot.de/2014/03/99-days_23.html. You can also see there how neat I looked at the start. Haha. Seems like a lifetime ago.)

Today I will cross the border, from Passau the left bank of the Danube is Germany, the right bank is Austria. A ferry will bring me there about 14 kilometers from the Rotel Inn. A design hotel, shaped like a wave, beautifully situated on the Danube bank. All rooms have a river view. There is a spacious terrass and the entrance hall is filled with graffiti art. All the rooms are 6m2 big. Maybe I shouldn't use the word big. But the rooms have all you need. A private space, a comfortable bed the width of the room (1.50), a river view. Cheaper than a youth hostel shared room bunkbed. I slept well there last night.

I have to arrange my internet in Austria. I might be off the radar for a while. Or maybe not. You never know.

In the meantime there is a mystery to solve. I find a lot of dead moles on the road. Sad, but dead animals are always a part of the walking. I remember one day when I only saw dead animals in all sizes, ranging from a baby mouse to a deer. That is an exception though. Most of the time they are very much alive. I wonder about the moles though. Does it have anything to do with the Danube? Do they drown in their tunnels? Water in their lungs?

On the road now. Lets find the border.

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