Day 73. Staying

Yesterday I didn't leave Passau. I stayed. I felt like staying. And at a café where I felt home because I drank my coffee there the day beford yesterday as well, I read an old text I wrote last year when I worked with some Pioneers in the forest in Sweden. It is on my blog "walking in circles", it is still very valid.

"Staying doesn’t mean being here. It doesn’t mean planning to come back. It doesn’t mean not leaving. Staying means knowing you’ve changed because of your stay here. Staying means leaving some of your fear behind. Staying means waking up, being happy and feeling as if you’ve always been here. And realising that here doesn’t mean a red house in Bonsäter but a body with some new scars and memories. Some very valuable ones."

Read the full text here:


And something else. The hotel I stayed for two nights wasn't shaped like a wave. It was shaped like a person resting. Der ruhende Mensch. An enormous person lying on his back looking at the clouds, looking at the stars, with me inside it dreaming.

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