Day 30. Space

Some days are over before you even realised they begun. What did I do? Where did I go? Somebody wrote to me that something unexpected might happen today. It is true. But did it?
The rain wasn't unexpected, for sure. The cold wasn't either. But I hadn't expected to be looking for my gloves at 4 in the afternoon. I left late, I left when the rain arrived. We travelled together. My black cart turned yellow and I turned dark blue. The colours kept us dry.
The roads were long and straight, bike trails, the Lahn valley. Even though it was flat my joints were protesting. The Red Hair Mountains were still in their memory.
At some point I saw the sun. It wasn't very big and quite dirty. It was lying in a field. I had passed Pluto earlier on. And somewhere along the road from Pluto to the sun I read that on Mercury a year lasts 88 earth days and a day 176 earth days: a day on Mercury lasts twice as long as a year.
I found a mountain of haybales with a small room inside. Nothing beats falling asleep with the smell of hay. Or maybe falling asleep with the smell of hay in a space where you can stretch out your legs. My joints must hate me.


my house, my bedroom, my closet

(today I walked with Mike Daniel)

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