Day 36. The guardian angel

I walked to Lauterbach, a charming small city. I met a female knife smith, Mechtild Wienhold, meister Messerschmiede. She ran a small shop, selling knives, doing restauration work, taking orders for hand crafted knives. She showed me some examples of the knives she had forged. She was one of the last master knife smiths. She loved her work. Her long hair had the colour of fire

I continued to Fulda. At the side of the big road I saw a four leaved clover from the corner of my eye. Every day I find lucky clovers. I collected over 50 already. I don't know if it is lucky clover season or if I'm just lucky. I never found this many. Or maybe as a kid. But not in such a short span of time.

I saw another one and another one and I bended over with my cart still connected to my waist, picking them, looking for more. Suddenly somebody put a hand on my shoulder. "Are you ok?" a low voice asked. I looked up and saw a man in a suit. He was wearing a tie as well. He thought I had fallen over. I showed him what I was doing, I thanked him for being so kind to check on me, I handed him a lucky clover but he said he didn't need it. He turned around and walked away in his suit. A light grey suit with a thin white stripe. A pink tie. Further down the road, at the other side, I saw an empty car. He must have driven by at a fast speed, seeing me from the corner of his eye, just like I had seen the four leaved clover. He took the first opportunity to stop, cross the busy road, walk back to find me unharmed, happily adding some more luck to my collection.

I wondered if I had just met my guardian angel.

I walked on, Saint Boniface, the fourth Ice Saint, accompanied me. It was his name day. At some point it started to hail. I wore my rain gear the biggest part of the afternoon.
I was surprised to see a sign with "Bonifacius Route" at some point. And even more surprised when I arrived in Fulda and discovered that his remains are in the middle of the city in the big kathedral. I would visit him tomorrow, with Kalte Sophie, Cold Sophie, the last of the five Ice Saints.

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