Day 47. Time warp

many thanks (and not just for the " tintypes") Clarissa & Peter: http://1851-reloaded.de

I slept in the biggest, softest bed imaginable for two nights. The first night I dreamt I was walking in a big open space, barren, rough. When I stood still for a moment, my feet started to sink into the soil. Quiksand. I was sinking in a pretty fast speed. I shouted but I knew there was nobody around. I realised the chance I would die in the next 15 minutes was quite big. I felt sad. But I woke up in time. You never die in your dreams. During your dreams maybe, but then you might stay in them forever.

The lady who brought me my breakfast told me about an Asian man who rented a room in her house for quite a while. At some point he asked her if she could do his laundry. She washed the few shirts and trousers he had with him, ironed them, but he didn't want to wear the ironed cloths.

Later on I sat outside a cafe drinking coffee, talking to people, listening to Peter playing Ud. A woman sat down to talk to me. I explained about my walk, about wearing the suit, about sleeping in the woods. She asked: "But how can you iron your shirts when you are outside most of the time?" 

In the middle of the night Clarissa and Peter did their magic. They caught my image on a thin metal sheet. Afterwards we talked until the birds started to sing. I wanted to stay awake forever.

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